Saturday, July 14, 2012

ITALERI 1/48 Scale S-2 Tracker (Australian Navy)

This is the Italeri 1/48 Scale S-2 Tracker in Australian Navy markings.

I've learnt my lesson from my first Tracker build and added more nose weight. Lots of it. My first Tracker was a tail sitter. On this model, the entire front section from just behind the cockpit to the small side windows was compartmentalised with plastic card. The space inside was filled with fishing lead weight. Super glue was poured into the space so that the weight won't shift around. The front part of each engine just behind the cylinders was compartmentalised as well and lead weight was put in. The nose section in front of the cockpit (even though space limited) had weight put there as well. Also for the little space beneath the cockpit. This model weighs like a brick I tell ya... :)

This model is meant to be a clean built with not a lot of weathering applied.

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Naval Fighters said...

Stunning work! really cool.

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